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Hidden in Plain Site: The Other People in Norman Rockwell’s America

Hidden in Plain SightNorman Rockwell’s America was not all white. As early as 1936, Rockwell was portraying people of color with empathy and a dignity often denied them at the time. And he created these portraits from live models.

Hidden in Plain Sight: The Other People in Norman Rockwell’s America unfolds, for the first time, the stories of the Asian, African, and Native Americans who modeled for Norman Rockwell. These people of color, though often hidden in plain sight, are present throughout Rockwell’s more than 4000 illustrations. People like the John Lane family, Navajos poignantly depicted in the virtually unknown Norman Rockwell painting, “Glen Canyon Dam.” People like Isaac Crawford, a ten year old African-American Boy Scout who helped Norman Rockwell finally integrate the Boy Scout calendar.

In this engrossing and often humorous narrative, Jane Allen Petrick explores what motivated Norman Rockwell to slip people of color “into the picture” in the first place. And in so doing, she persuasively documents the famous illustrator’s deep commitment to and pointed portrayals of ethnic tolerance, portrayals that up to now have been, as Norman Rockwell biographer Laura Claridge so clearly put it, “bizarrely neglected”.

Hidden in Plain Sight: The Other People in Norman Rockwell’s America is an eye opener for everyone who loves Norman Rockwell, everyone who hates Norman Rockwell, and for all those people who never thought much about Norman Rockwell because they believed Norman Rockwell never thought much about them. This book will expand the way you think about Norman Rockwell. And it will deepen the way you think about Norman Rockwell’s America.

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Making The Connection: Getting Work To Work

Making The ConnectionMaking The Connection: Getting Work To Work is a call for working America to break out of the Dilbert syndrome and reconnect with the health, trust and joy that good work brings. Newspaper readers and radio listeners around the country are responding to Dr. Petrick’s message: stop wallowing in the catharsis of organizational class welfare!

Work becomes a four letter word, not through “idiotic bosses” or “imbecile co-workers”, but through an insidious addiction to bad work that has been overgrowing America like kudzu.

Making The Connection gives practical steps for breaking this addiction and returning to the health and joy of good work.

Making The Connection is the first book to pinpoint the critical role the board of directors play in your career survival. It outlines how to keep track of the board’s activities as part of your own planning. And, most importantly, it reveals how you can influence the decisions of the board.

Work may seem like warfare. And you may feel like a casualty!

But you can count on step-by-step instructions for taking charge of the battle in Making The Connection.

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Beyond Time Management

Beyond Time ManagementBeyond Time Management picks up where traditional time management ends. Taking the reader through Ten Adages to Organize By, the book unlocks the key to understanding how to achieve a more effective, more balanced life.

Beyond Time Management is not about To Do Lists. In fact, in Beyond Time Management, readers learn why to do list are a major source of disorganization! This book is not about managing time. Time (at least mechanical time) can not be “managed”: it literally marches on without us. Beyond Time Management is about managing values and priorities. In this book we come to understand why we fall into “priority dissonance” and persist in jamming up our mechanical time with things we don’t want.

Beyond Time Management provides the reader with the human “why” of organizing, the “why” that has been missing from all the mechanical “how to’s”. Because, as adage #10 points out, “A person who has a ‘why’ to live can deal with almost any ‘how’.”.

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