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Who We Are

Informed Decisions International (IDI) is a business consulting firm committed to providing organizations and individuals the resources, products and experiences needed for wise, healthy and profitable work. Informed Decisions Publishing is the publishing arm of IDI.

Kalle Petrick

kalle petrickKalle is co-founder and president of IDI. A commercial realty specialist and certified general appraiser, he also has over thirty years expertise in product marketing, working with multi-national companies in the U.S., Canada, the Caribbean and Latin America.

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Jane Allen Petrick, Ph.D.

jane petrickJane is co-founder and vice-president of IDI. An organizational psychologist, she has, for over 35 years, helped organizations achieve a productive and healthy work environment. Dr. Jane has been named one of the “100 brightest business women in America” by Ebony Magazine.

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Francisco Alexandre Reisner

franciscoFrancisco has provided technical marketing and sales expertise to major corporations for over 35 years. An electrical engineer, he has served a number of companies in Brazil including Sanyo da Amazonia, Singer do Brasil and Digital SA Industria Electronica as well as firms in Holland and the United States. Francisco received first prize at the XVIII Congresso Nacional de Informatica for his work in computer information security.