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The Meaning of Meetings

Most of us, at some point in our professional lives, have come across at least one book or article or workshop on how to conduct a meeting. One example is the “Meeting Bill of Rights,” proposed by Dru Scott in her book How to Put More Time in Your Life. The “Meeting Bill of Rights” […]

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Watch Out for Decisions Under Pressure!

Angela had a real crisis on her hands. Senior employee at Taub Radio Repair, she had promised Mr. Taub that she would keep the seven person business running smoothly while he took his first vacation in 10 years. Yesterday, with Mr. Taub on a trek in the middle of the Brazilian rainforest, two employees had […]

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How To Be A Bad Board Member

Show up routinely late for board and committee meetings. Offer no excuse. Communicate regularly with the CEO’s staff or, better yet, employees even deeper within the organization. Never tell the CEO what you’re doing. When confronted with the multitude of technical terms and acronyms endemic to every industry, hide ignorance at all costs. Muddle through. […]

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Making the Connection

A Matter of Style Several years ago, a client of mine confessed to a serious disconnect with a new member of her department. “The questions she asks, the comments she makes, they drive me crazy”, the exec confessed. “Strangely enough, her ideas work out to be good ones. It just the way she presents them […]

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Ten Adages to Organize By

We all use our time to get something. People, objects, space, information and time are all interconnected. If you want to change the arrangement of one and can’t, change the arrangement of another. It will help. If you want to know how to organize your life, look at what’s important to you. If it doesn’t […]

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